How To Turn One Blog Post Into Content That Will Last For Months

Have you ever said this about your company blog?

I can’t seem to write and publish consistent blog content for my businesses website!


My team struggles to figure out what to post on our social accounts!


I know we should be blogging more often, but we have no clue what topics to write about!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in these challenges. It’s a real struggle to develop content for the purpose of engagement, search engine optimization, and lead generation. There’s no getting around it.

Plus, it’s only going to get harder as new platforms are developed and the shape of media and the web shifts again.

The good news is that what follows is an easy to use structure to develop incredible content AND scale it to last longer and reach farther within your digital marketing strategy.

What follows is a content creation and content scaling strategy we’ve guided multiple clients through. It provides actionable steps to get started right away but if you’d like more help or guidance, please reach out to our team. 

Let’s get started!


Commit To Writing A Blog Post Well Over 1,500 Words

Now, before you exit out of this page for fear of writing that much in one sitting, let’s talk about how to tackle this amount of writing. It’s easy, we promise!

The reason we want to write something longer than say, 500 words, is that we’re looking to build what’s called “pillar content”. We call it “pillar content” because its the piece of content from which all else will be built upon and off of AND it helps steer us towards the development of micro-content based upon that pillar’s theme.

It’s VERY easy to develop this content if we keep a few things in mind.

  1. Listicles and process pieces work best for copywriting, as well as for reasons you’ll see later on as we scale the content.

    Definition of a listicle

  2. Focus on outlining the post with section headers first. This will give the post structure and focus ahead of time and will prevent the inevitable word vomit that comes from a lack of structure. Don’t start writing without a plan of attack!

  3. Expanding upon each section should only be 3-5 sentences. No more, no less. You write emails that are basically 3-5 sentences, so sitting down to write a single 3-5 sentence section is MUCH easier than committing to 500 words within an hour. Sure, you can add more if you’d like, but commit to just 3-5 sentences and expand later.

Example: A listicle with 50 bullet points will grow in word count quickly if you write 3-5 sentences for each bullet. 50 words, multiplied by 50 bullet points, is already 2,500 words, and that doesn’t include introduction, transition, or conclusion sections. Plus, you can work on expanding each bullet point over a few days instead of trying to write 2,500 words in one sitting. Most great writers can’t write like that, so why make things difficult?

We’ll use a real client example, but for now let’s put together a starter list of themes you might consider for your own piece of pillar content.

How To’s

    • 50 Ways To Wow Your Clients In The Next 3 Months

    • 25 Ways To Improve Your Website Without Spending A Dime

    • 30 Ways (Name of Company) Can Improve Your Companies Internal IT Systems

    • 40 Ways (Name of Company’s Manufacturing Product) Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars 

    • How To Implement (Specific Process Or Program) Into Your Service Strategy In Less Than 30 Days

A quick way to tailor this to your business is to list out every question your customers ask before pulling the purchase trigger. What questions come up most often? Most will probably be about price, but what other factors contribute to their purchase decision? 

Focusing on content that addresses these questions before prospects even think of asking will signal to them that you’re prepared to address their pain points and you’re an authority in the space.

If we chose the first “how-to” heading, the outline might begin looking something like this.

50 Ways To Wow Your Clients In The Next 3 Months


  1. Celebrate one of those ridiculous holidays with a simple gift.

  2. Drop a couple six packs off at the office.

  3. Place a surprise billboard for them.

  4. Send the receptionist a gift.

  5. Take advantage of those LinkedIn birthday notifications.

  6. Take advantage of those LinkedIn work anniversary notifications.

You can see how quick an outline can start coming together. But what about filling up each bullet with content you ask? What will that look like?

50 Ways To Wow Your Clients In The Next 3 Months

Intro:  Preventing the inevitable drop off of clients is an important job for any senior level employee. The loss of a single client could have severe repercussions to any businesses bottom line and signs of client frustration are often missed easily. 

Fostering great business relationships need not be hard, so we put together a list of ways to wow your clients and prevent great relationships from turning sour or boring. 

1. Celebrate one of those ridiculous holidays with a simple gift.

You’ve seen people celebrate “national cupcake day” or any one of the thousands of national days or months that fill up our news feeds. Here’s a website dedicated to tracking them. 

Pick one that celebrates something related to your client or customers business or personality, however ridiculous. On that national “day”, send them a gift and card in the spirit of that holiday. 

2. Drop a couple six packs off at the office.

What’s better than Happy Hour without having to drive to the bar? Your client and their employees need time to relax after a long day of work, just like you and your employees.

Why not bring Happy Hour to them with a selection of local brews, snacks, and maybe even some entertainment. If your client is out of state or across the pond, try calling their local pub and opening a tab for them on a specific night. They’ll appreciate open bar.

3. Place a surprise billboard for them.

Outdoor media still works and is dropping in price as demand has slowed. This means 1 billboard for a single month, in a targeted location, may be cheaper than a couple of coach plane tickets. 

Everyone loves seeing their name up in lights, even if it’s their company name. With the right creative, this could be a fantastic way to surprise and delight a prospect or existing client.

4. Send the receptionist or secretary a gift.

We come across gate keepers at every turn in business. Often times the receptionist or personal assistant that has final say whether your call gets put through or the meeting is scheduled. 

Why not delight the assistant that may control more of your future with a client than you may think. Who cares if the decision maker notices, being in the good graces of someone at the company is better than none.

5. Take advantage of those LinkedIn birthday notifications.

You know exactly what notifications I’m talking about. They’ve probably saved your but more than once to remind you of your wife or secretary’s birthday.

But even though a quick comment or ‘like’ on that notification is the ‘norm’, why not go over and above? Send a hand written note, lunch, a gift card, anything! Even if it’s late, it’s the thought that counts.

6. Take advantage of those LinkedIn work anniversary notifications.

The same thing goes for LinkedIn work anniversary notifications. Celebrate these just as you would your client’s birthday. 

Even if they hate their job, they’ll appreciate someone celebrating their time and contribution to the company.

In 20 minutes, we turned a heading and 6 bullet points into a 500 word blog post!

You’ll notice that we used a link, wrote as if the author was telling these ideas to someone in person, and gave real examples. All of which helps make the content readable, relatable, and pushes to take an action after reading.

What’s great is that anyone could spend another 20 minutes each day for the rest of the week and the post will reach 2,000+ words with very little labor. 

Now let’s explore a real client example.

Arreya found that their short “update” style blog posts were not driving traffic, increasing search engine rankings, or converting visitors into prospects, so we took a new approach.

Arreya Digital Signage Suite offers a custom television signage solution to many different industries. Subscribers can design their own signs and display them on as many televisions as they wanted to, all via the cloud. 

A great tool, but there’s just one problem that Arreya’s customer service department kept running into. They found that most subscribers do not have design capability. That is, they don’t have an in-house designer or have little design skill themselves. 

Digital signage, although useful for the right businesses, still requires some semblance of design capability to create unique signs. Subscribers found it difficult to come up with ideas for their businesses digital signage and execute upon those ideas.

So we decided to create a piece of pillar content to solve these subscriber’s issue.

The blog post is called; “Digital Signage At The Office: 50 Ways To Use Digital Signage In Your Business”

In short order, our team came up with 50+ ways to use their digital signage software within an office/business setting. In a few days we had expanded upon each of the 50 ideas, receive feedback from Arreya via a shared Google doc, and made early copy edits.

When all the editing was finalized, the blog post was a 4,772 word behemoth. A word count twice the typical size, but well worth the work. If you haven’t yet, take a look at the final blog post here.  

Designing Infographics

Turn Your Pillar Content Into An Infographic Worth Sharing

Now, if you took a look at the post, you’ll notice a very long infographic that jumps out prior to the 4,772 word blog post. We’ve added it here again if you haven’t seen it.

Using Infographics In Your Business

The reason list style posts are so great, is just how easy it is to turn into an infographic. Each bullet point becomes a section unto itself and with a little design magic, the blog post turns into a graphically interesting piece of content worth sharing.

This is the next step to help generate content that will work for your business and last for months to come.

But first, why infographics?

Share-ability should be a goal of yours when developing great content, and what’s easier to share than an infographic? Whether your reader shares it to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or even reposts it to his or her own website, that infographic is attributed to your website via branded logo AND the referral link attached to it.

Underneath the infographic on the original Arreya post, you’ll see a box with the embed code available to anyone willing to share the infographic or place it on their website. This, as well as a few other tactics is a great way to generate backlinks to your site, which helps improve your sites authority and relevance within search.

All good stuff!

Now, waiting for individuals to share your infographic is a bit too passive, so let’s consider other ways to showcase your beautiful graphic.

Designing Microcontent

Turn Each Bullet Point Into A Standalone Piece of Micro-Content

At this point we still only have one blog post and one infographic. Sure, we can share these more than once over the next few months, or even year, but an even better strategy is to consider each and every bullet point as a standalone piece of content.

Let’s use an example from Arreya’s blog post.

Creating Better Blog Content

Don’t you think this one simple recommendation can be a single social post?

What about a single email within your automated email funnel?


We turned each blog bullet point into its own 1200×1200 social graphic, also known as micro-content. Shareable to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, we wrote custom post text later to meet platform word count requirements.

SEO Tips For Business Blogs

That’s 50 new social media posts Arreya can now schedule in advance over 2 or 3 months!

I’m going to guess that most companies don’t post that much over 3 years, let alone 3 months.

If you’re interested, here is a slideshow of all 50 social graphics our team created.

Digital Signage Idea #46
Digital Signage Idea #48
Digital Signage Idea #47
Digital Signage Idea #45
Digital Signage Idea #44
Digital Signage Idea #43
Digital Signage Idea #41
Digital Signage Idea #42
Digital Signage Idea #40
Digital Signage Idea #33
Digital Signage Idea #34
Digital Signage Idea #35
Digital Signage Idea #37
Digital Signage Idea #36
Digital Signage Idea #38
Digital Signage Idea #39
Digital Signage Idea #32
Digital Signage Idea #31
Digital Signage Idea #30
Digital Signage Idea #29
Digital Signage Idea #26
Digital Signage Idea #28
Digital Signage Idea #27
Digital Signage Idea #19
Digital Signage Idea #21
Digital Signage Idea #20
Digital Signage Idea #22
Digital Signage Idea #24
Digital Signage Idea #23
Digital Signage Idea #25
Digital Signage Idea #18
Digital Signage Idea #17
Digital Signage Idea #16
Digital Signage Idea #14
Digital Signage Idea #15
Digital Signage Idea #13
Digital Signage Idea #12
Digital Signage Idea #5
Digital Signage Idea #7
Digital Signage Idea #6
Digital Signage Idea #8
Digital Signage Idea #9
Digital Signage Idea #10
Digital Signage Idea #11
Digital Signage Idea #3
Digital Signage Idea #4
Digital Signage Idea #2
Digital Signage Idea #1
Digital Signage Idea #50
Digital Signage Idea #49

What about email?! Don’t neglect your current or future email subscribers.

An affective automated email campaign that ads value to subscribers and brings potential business back to website is still one of the best forms of marketing to consider.

And now, with 50 pieces of micro content, Arreya has an email sequence unlike any other company.

A bi-weekly email providing these “digital signage tips/ideas” can help keep existing clients engaged and interested, as well as give subscribers that haven’t converted into full customers, the incentive to convert.

Plus, your team won’t be under the gun to come up with email content each week. Talk about time and money saving!

Video Production

Continue To Expand Upon Your Original Pillar Content With Other Mediums

Ideas and recommendations are fantastic pieces of content, but unless you’re taking action to help your client, customer, or prospect, their affinity for your product or service won’t last.

This final step in scaling your content is a bit more advanced, but can have incredible affects on your customer service and authority within your space.

Ask yourself what can you provide to your customers and prospects that gets them to take action?

Author of the book Hooked: How To Build Habit Forming Products, Nir Eyal, labels this action as “Loading The Next Trigger”, or providing individuals with an easy “next step” to keep them using the piece of technology or buying more of your products.

A simple example comes from one my favorite restaurants in Bay View, WI, called Goodkind. Tuesday’s are their burger nights when they offer a new, often interesting burger recipe and a perfectly paired beer. Yum!

The trigger though, is the incredible Instagram photo or video they post a few hours before evening service. Take a look here:

Without fail, people stumble across Goodkind’s post and end up sending it to a handful of friends as a way to taunt them into joining them that evening. Goodkind loads the trigger and people bite, every single time!

Why would I think that this works for them you say? They extended “Burger Tuesday” into “Burger Tuesday – Friday”! It must be a money maker.

Now let’s use Arreya as an example again.

It’s one thing to give subscribers ideas of what they should create with the intuitive digital signage software, but it’s a whole other thing to give them the tutorials and knowledge to start designing on their own.

Arreya’s growing number of YouTube tutorials provides the necessary trigger to (1) introduce the software to free 30-day subscribers looking to test the product, and (2) keep paying customers creating their own signs. All of which draws people back to the software and keeps them engaged.

Arreya now has a road map to create the educational content listed in their 50+ signage ideas post.

Which will help scale this one blog post even more!

When all was said and done, we had written thousands of words, created 51 graphics, multiple sharable links, and introduced new video tutorials, all of which was more content than Arreya had developed on their own in 3 years.

Remember, it all started with the goal of providing a solution to a problem that occurred most often for their clients and prospects.

Now, what content creation and distribution strategy can Lemley Media help you create?


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