American Media, Inc. operates multiple Entertainment & Active Lifestyle properties ranging from Men's Fitness to National Enquirer.

Lemley Media consults with American Media's growth team, driving search & content updates focused on new and existing channel growth. 

American Media, Inc.

LandHub offers a centralized land & property listing service, giving owners and real estate agents the ability to grow awareness, generate qualified leads, and streamline the sales process.

Our lead generation efforts have provided LandHub with a 53% increase in email subscription rate and 38% increase in site traffic.

Lemley Media executed search engine optimization efforts to establish both regional and keyword dominance within the online tea market.

Tactics used but were not limited to; content development, product page expansion & optimization, strategic backlink development, social imagery deployment, etc... 

Exploring Tea Website

Arreya Digital Signage Suite is an innovative cloud based signage company out of Cedar Rapids, IA.

Through Google search and display campaigns, Facebook dark posts, and a content scaling strategy, Lemley Media guided Arreya through a lead generation/engagement update.

Arreya Website

Simplicity and clarity is needed when launching a new brand.

For CareEnroll, a healthcare enrollment service based in Indiana, simplicity and clarity of brand and message was our primary focus. Our secondary focus was to not disrupt, but enhance their existing sales funnel.

CareEnroll Website

Oftentimes students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the general public are unable to put a face to the leadership at a University. The President or Chancellor's touch is only felt at a distance.

Jeff Bullock, the President of the University of Dubuque has taken a much different approach. Since 2013, he has engaged students, faculty, community members, and other leaders through his insightful blog; "Leadership Matters for a Changing World".

Jeff Bullock's Blog